1929 Rolls-Royce Twenty Landaulette



Brockenhurst/ Lyndhurst/ Lymington area From £335
 Southampton area  From £425
 Highcliffe area  From £395
 Salisbury area  From £495
 Fareham area  From £495

The History of UU 4834 Chassis No. GEN 31

The car began its working life at Portland Place, London in 1929 where it was delivered to a Mrs Triefus, the widow of an industrial diamond merchant. The vehicle was chauffeur driven by a Mr Packer from its delivery until 1945 during which time, until the widow’s death in 1938 it made frequent journeys to France taking its owner on holiday.

After 1938 the car remained in the ownership of the same family and in 1940 it was loaned out, along with Mr Packer, to the Red Cross in London to assist with the war effort. The passenger compartment was stripped of all its fittings and the car was used as a transport vehicle.

In 1945 it was purchased by a garage in Thornhill, Dumfries for use as a taxi and in 1950 by an individual in Killearn, Stirlingshire. UU 4834 moved back to the South of England in 1954 having been purchased by a garage in Brockenhurst, Hampshire for use as a chauffeur driven limousine, frequently taking the local gentry to Ascot and other similar events.

It was in 1960 that the car was sold to a garage owner in San Diego, California where it remained until 1988, virtually unused although during that period the vehicle underwent body restoration.

Quite co-incidently, the car returned to Brockenhurst in 1988 where it is still recognised by some local residents.

The car, in its present form is very original in every way, has only had four previous owners since new and having been unused for half of its life has covered only an estimated 450,000 miles.

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