1973 Triumph Stag

The History of MWD 928L

First registered on 7th June 1973 it is one of 17,819 built between 1970 and 1977. It has an automatic gearbox and its original V8 2,997 cc engine which was totally rebuilt in 1990. The body and gearbox were also totally rebuilt at that time having covered only 75,000 miles and had 4 previous owners, the current owners having purchased it in 1986. It has a top speed of 116 mph.

The engine is essentially two 1500 cc Triumph Dolomites put into a “V” configuration which was rushed into production in 1970 with cost savings in mind. As a result, in its early days it was known as the Triumph “Snag” because of its poor mechanical reliability. This was caused by the high positioning of its water pump and resultant problems if the water level dropped even slightly and also its propensity to blow cylinder head gaskets due to the angled cylinder head bolt design. The problems have now been resolved and the vehicle is a very reliable, stylish motor car. Ideal for taking the groom and best man to church or for a speedy getaway should the groom change his mind!

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